Next meeting: Wed, Dec 31 1969
Next beach dive: :-(
Next wreck dive: :-(
Dive Club Events
October 2014
End of Year Party at Dan and Ann's house. BYOB!!
Monthly meetings will be held at Pier 44 in Babylon until further notice.
May 2012
Camping at Cedar Point Park: 26 - 28th May
Beach cleanup at Orchard Beach
April 2010
Artifact Night had many interesting artifacts brought in by illustrious divers.
March 2010
Nick hosted beach diving commitee meeting to finalise 2010 beach schedule
January 2010
Mike Carew gave an excellent 3-D ice diving presentation
December 2009
All board members were re-elected (surprise surprise)
September 2008
Eagles Nest trip was fully booked
Members joining from tonight get 2009 membership thrown in
August 2008
Club boat dive on Lockness went really well
Death by Diving dinner was yummy (and free)!!
Paul and Alma presented their Fiji slideshow and video
Still no nomination for Corresponding Secretary
The August meeting was well attended despite the change of date
July 2008
Captain Ken & Jean Marie Memorial Dive was well attended
Death by Diving was completed by the usual suspects
Captain John Bricker gave a very good presentation
Paul announced that the meetings for August and September changed to second Tuesday
June 2008
Linda Gotti was voted Diver of the Year 2007
Captain John Gorman showed the infamous video
We did our first club boat dive - much fun was had
LIDA announced a beach clean up at Secret Beach
Still waiting on Corresponding Secretary position to be filled
The memorial dive for Captain Ken and Jean Marie was announced
May 2008
Our first dive of the season was at Secret Beach
Captain Lada Simek was the speaker
April 2008
June Dawson was voted in for Recording Secretary
Members reminded not to abuse the privilege of diving at Secret Beach
March 2008
Beneath The Sea was visited by many members
Diver of the Year committee discussed criteria
New LIDA President, Bill Pfeiffer, introduced himself to the members
Savie promised 1-2 dives per month on different boats
Nick promised to mix up the beach diving schedule
March 8th dive schedule meeting was cancelled
February 2008
Hank Garvin from The Garloo gave a presentation
Diver of the Year committee was formed
Pumpkin Carving Winners: Linda and Terry received 10 free air-fills from Long Island Scuba
Guest Passes are made available to membership - prize for most received
Members reminded that renewals are due by March meeting
Harriet & The Diver: Space is born in the newsletter
January 2008
Tentative date for Beach/Wreck Committee Schedule Discussion is given
Great presentation given by Venture Group 713.
The new presidential team of Paul and Linda start their term!
December 2007
The By Laws are added to the footer menu and are available for viewing through Adobe File Reader
The Great Pumpkin Competition was opened for voting on the website
Paul Murray was voted President leaving Newsletter Editor position open
Kaz Sanchez was voted in as Newsletter Editor leaving Recording Secretary position open
Linda Gotti was voted Vice President
Lynne (President), June (Vice President) and Malcolm (Corresponding Secretary) all stood down from their positions
November 2007
Archived newsletters, dating back to 1998, brought into new site
Pumpkins being voted on
Photos contributions being accepted for the end of year slideshow. Please have them to Paul by 24th November 2007.
Membership renewals for 2008 are now being accepted
October 2007
June stood in for Lynne to present the meeting.
Free lobster dinner for the Death by Diving winners at Popeyes on Wednesday October 10th.
Nominations being accepted for board positions.
Proposed changes to elected positions, introducing term limits, got second mention.
September 2007
Proposed changes to elected positions, introducing term limits, got first mention.